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Some Honest Opinions

Counties Manukau Kindergarten Association

Our Association has been using Discover Childcare software for 2 months now. We are very impressed with the software so far. The Discover team were great with the change-over of data from our previous SMS. The Discover support team are very helpful and very quick to respond. It is a very easy system to use and the Help videos and documents are a great way to get you started. The end of month reporting is great and easy to use. There are also many other useful reports we didn’t have access to before. We like the way you can drill into dates, staff and children’s records to investigate issues.

The Administrators in our kindergartens are enjoying working with the new software. We still have more to explore and implement but so far we are very pleased with what we have been able to do. Would definitely recommend the switch to Discover - Counties Manukau Kindergarten Association

West Harbour Christian Kindergarten

Discover ... Easy to use, all questions answered. Helps us to keep everything running smoothly. Great job, guys! - West Harbour Christian Kindergarten

Takapuna Learning Space

We have been working with Ewart and the team since Oct 2017. So glad we made the change. They are so responsive to our questions and suggestions. No question is a dumb question and no request is too much but always considered and responded to. Together we are all building a system that does everything we ask, many that we didn't know we wanted saving us time as well as providing us with so much more information. The additional information helps us manage our waitlist efficiently, react quickly to enquiries, and keep track of them all. The KPI's that it tracks helps you manage your business more effectively and gives you a real time idea of how you are tracking and where your efforts should be allocated. - Takapuna Learning Space

Z Test Center

New features always comming really awesum! - Z Test Center

School of Fish Onehunga

Discover has been so great to use. It is aesthetically pleasing and super easy to navigate. Discover have been really accommodating with adding features to forms specific to our needs. It's fantastic having a support structure in place ready to answer questions and queries. - School of Fish Onehunga

Harakeke Early Learning Centre

We at Harakeke Early Learning Centre love the support we got as we transferred to Discover the assistance made this move so much easier. - Harakeke Early Learning Centre

The Pentagon Early Learning Centre

Since the introduction of discover by Ewart back in 2017 i have found the system to be very easy to use the communication and response time to be spot on with any queries I may have, these are met with answers and suggestions. If i am wanting a certain report the support team are full of helpful answers if not they pass the info onto the developers who work on the system in the background,. i have also made suggestions as to certain things to be added and these are met with great enthusiasm and very thankful for the suggestions and get the team onto it. Discover has taken all systems and rolled them into 1 easy app to use, i and recommend it to other centres/people who work in childcare, thanks team keep up the good work, Sheryl - The Pentagon ECE Centre - The Pentagon Early Learning Centre

Omanu Preschool

Discover has been an invaluable tool for us in running a successful early childhood centre. I find the platform user- friendly and intuitive. The best part of Discover is the support from the Discover team, questions are answered straight away, and the team is always open to feedback, making changes to the software to meet the needs of our individual centre. I would strongly recommend Discover to any early learning centre. Melissa Hopcroft Omanu Preschool Centre Manager/ Licensee - Omanu Preschool

Manaaki Childcare

Thank you Discover has enabled me to be a full time teacher rather than an owner who is sitting in the office. I need less time to do administration and have found the system to be amazing. I love the fact that everything is highlighted so there is little room for errors. and it is so easy to use. All the options are great, and reporting systems are so straight forward. Discover has made my life as a new centre owner/manager so much easier. I love Discover. Thank you for creating such a user friendly system Manaaki childcare limited x - Manaaki Childcare

Tiny Explorers

I absolutely love our easy Discover is to use. If I get stuck the support team are there to help. It gives me all the information I need to run a ECE Centre - Tiny Explorers

Gems Kōwhai

I like the way we can print customized reports and checklists. Bulk communication is easy to use. Support team is quick with replies and has even built functions just for our centres to use (eg. snow day discounts!). - Gems Kōwhai

Country Kids

Discover is a versatile programme with more sophisticated capabilities than our previous SMS provider. The team at Discover go out of their way to support our staff. No problem is ever too onerous, they provide friendly support and their response time is usually very fast. Country Kids, Henderson, Auckland. - Country Kids

Puddleducks' Nursery and Preschool Manchester Street

We changed to Discover after years of using a different system. Discover has been fantastic, it is so much easier to use. Very user friendly, with an easy to use interface. It has everything our business requires and makes our day to day operations easier. The staff have been helpful and knowledgeable and quick with any assistance when needed. I would not hesitate to recommend discover to any other businesses. - Puddleducks' Nursery and Preschool Manchester Street

Miramar Childcare

As a Director over 3 centres, being able to utilize Discover to access live data and at any time, irrespective of any other users has been invaluable to the streamlined process of our early childhood services. Every manager has had the experience. When I'm supporting a Manager with an enrollment or booking question, if i'm off site, its so easy to log in and see what exactly they are referring to, and help them to problem solve much faster. when a teacher asks for a list/form/report relating to some form of children's details. Discover allows you to create that document immediately with only the information you really need. Teachers can get on with the task and feel confident they have all the right information. - Miramar Childcare

Next Generation Childcare

Its very easy to use and if you are stuck you can use the help desk and they get back to you very quickly. - Next Generation Childcare

Next Generation

We love using Discover! Our admin hours have vastly reduced, as has our office storage. Uploading and filing HR documents and Child information has never been easier. Wishing they had come along years ago. - Next Generation

Murrays Bay Childcare Centre

I can't say enough about the positive change moving to Discover has made for our little centre. The transition from Firstbase/Skagerrak was a little trickier with data transfer but this didn't deter us from implementing Discover as we had heard such good things. Discover have been professional and attentive to our needs at every step of our nearly year long journey with them. The technical support has been second to none and the time-saving and stress relieving benefits of knowing everything is being done correctly have been immeasurable. We love Discover! - Murrays Bay Childcare Centre

Little Wonderland

Discover is a beautiful software once is set up. It is very easy to use and if you need help they will assist you asap. It is very straight forward and makes life easier. Thanks to the Discover team! - Little Wonderland

Oasis Early Learning Centre

Right from when I first contacted Ewart at Discover to enquire about the software to now using Discover for multiple childcare Centres, I have been absolutely impressed with the product and service. I cannot recommend Discover enough. Its user friendly, very quick to provide support and totally amazing at listening and responding to feedback. I love that the software is constantly being upgraded to incorporate new features and simplify the role of administration for early childhood services. I cannot imagine Managing my childcare Centres without Discover! - Oasis Early Learning Centre

Hatchlings Educare

Discover is a extremely user-friendly student management system that any ECE centre should have. We have been using it close to an year now and it has definitely made day-to-day life easier for us. There customer service is excellent too. - Hatchlings Educare

Bottle Lake Preschool

Discover has improved our systems so much that we have been able to restructure and no longer require an administrator role. It talks nicely (works ) with our other operating systems to create seamless transactions which require very little checking. The reports discover offers, are far superior to any other child data base operating system we have used. The support is really helpful and followed up on, in a timely manner. Suggestions for additions and or changes are acted upon within a short time frame,we highly recommend this product, it has made our lives super easy. - Bottle Lake Preschool

Play Learn Grow

We have been using discover since May 2019. We are a new centre, and have found the system super easy to use, along with being able to fill out the forms with no problems at all. All you need to do is check the numbers and then send them off. We highly recommend using Discover, as it makes the daily mundane tasks much more easier to do, along with staff being able to record their hours with the roster. Thanks Discover. - Play Learn Grow

Star Early Learning

My biggest regret is that I didn't change to Discover earlier. Discover has saved me so much time in the office and saved me from all of the boring inputing data jobs that take too long. I was looking at getting an Admin person before I got discover and now there is no need - I've also heard another centre, also no longer had any need for their Admin person. I also really appreciate the support from the team - they are open to new ideas and will happily consider any suggestions about their product and are usually really grateful for them. It is modern and they have made it very user friendly. I can't wait to see what else they come up with to make things even easier. - Star Early Learning

Mangawhero Te Kohanga Reo

What I have appreciated about the Discover Childcare Software is the automated fees system. I now spend much less time completing childcare fees accounts, and I really like the fact it links up with Xero in order to sync parent fee payments to their account on Discover. I now no longer have to manually calculate fees payments received for each child! The team at discover are open to suggestions and improvements from users which I appreciate. - Mangawhero Te Kohanga Reo

Jeffrey Giraffe Early Learning Centre

Moving to Discover was the best thing we did! We no longer had the issues we had with our old provider. Discover had extra functions that reduced administration time. The customer service is amazing - the response time is super speedy and the team are always open to suggestions for future upgrades to make changes to improve functionality. Highly recommend. - Jeffrey Giraffe Early Learning Centre

Tino e Tasi Preschool Christchurch

Discover is a no brainer! It has streamlined our workflow with childcare administration. The interface and design is so much nicer and friendlier, and the reporting systems are super simple. The discover team hand hold you through the transition from your old system to Discover, and their follow up and ongoing support is great! - Tino e Tasi Preschool Christchurch

Jumpstart Preschool - Barrett

We started using Discover one year ago and what a difference it has made! Not only has my daily data entry time been cut in half, what data entry I do have left to do is so quick and easy. We have four separate centers and I can work from one office and know exactly what is going on in each centre as the ‘dashboard’ has such easily accessible information that is real time. The system is extremely user friendly and if you are ever unsure the help section is amazing. The ‘report options’ are fantastic and you can run so many reports and you have the flexibility to put them in whatever category and order you like i.e. age, name etc. Discover are always finding new ways to update, improve and make life easy for an ECE Administrator. I am so pleased that we investigated, actioned and started using Discover, the process was seamless. Anna Fale Administrator Jumpstart Preschools - Jumpstart Preschool - Barrett

Khandallah Nursery School

Discover is so user friendly! - Khandallah Nursery School

Bloomfields Preschool

When I heard about Discover and was given a thorough demonstration by Ewart I was absolutely blown away with all of the different features and especially the ease of use. Since opening our new centre and using Discover from the beginning I am still so impressed with every aspect, the invoicing is super simple and I feel that I almost half the time I send doing administration tasks when comparing to another system I used at a previous centre. If I have any questions that are responded to and resolved so quickly and the team are always working on improving features to make our life easier. Love this software and will never be changing. - Bloomfields Preschool

Learning Links Hector Drive

After operating another system for many years, I recently changed positions which involved the challenge of learning a new system… ‘Discover’. To be fair, I felt nervous, changing from something I knew my way around… but wow! Thank you Discover, you have a variety of very useful reports and… the dashboard; this clever little dashboard basically tells me what I am missing, what is coming up and what I need to do next! Love it! Education is also evolving… so must our operating systems! - Learning Links Hector Drive

Rosetown Preschool

We LOVE using Discover! After using another child management programme that was very old, we upgraded to Discover and have been so pleased everyday that we did. It is updated all the time with new developments, they take on board suggestions and are always quick to help and it is so easy to use! It has cut down our Administrative hours so much and we can spend more time focusing on other things as Discover sorts everything else out for us. I would highly recommend Discover to any child care service, existing or new as it is such a professional system that makes admin in early childhood easy! - Rosetown Preschool

Mercury Bay Preschool (2018) Ltd

We love this programme, so easy and logical to use, as well as being quick and responsive. The reporting that is so quickly available and flexible is such an advantage and a huge plus. - Mercury Bay Preschool (2018) Ltd

Ferrymead Preschool

Have never regretted moving to Discover. We have saved so much admin time and hence many dollars! We love how when we suggest something we would like to see included, they work away in the background and lo and behold it is included in the next lot of improvements and updates. They are an absolute pleasure to deal with. Thanks from Ferrymead Preschool for your awesome product. - Ferrymead Preschool

Bizzy Bodz Early Learning Centre Gisborne

We moved onto Discover in September 2018 and since then it has been awesome!! It is such a user friendly site that people without computer skills can learn to use. If we don't know how to do something or cant find it in the extensive help area the team are more than happy to help us figure it out!! The transition from APT was seamless they held our hand the whole way through so we didn't have to worry about anything. They talked us through everything all steps before during and after the process. We later moved our other centre onto Discover in April this year. - Bizzy Bodz Early Learning Centre Gisborne

Organic Kids

We have been using Discover since October 2018. I have found Ewart and his team amazing to deal with. They go the extra mile to ensure your questions have been answered. We have been able to reduce our administration hours already, and look forward to the future enhancements to the Home Based Version. It is great to have a system that is working for and with you. Thanks team - Bec Organic Kids In-Home Care and Education. - Organic Kids

Old MacDonalds Rural Education and Care Centre Ltd

We just LOVE discover... it has made our lives SO much easier... everything is easy, convenient and efficient. We have saved SO much time... and the team always help me with any queries within ten minutes.. We recommend it to everyone and we couldn't be more happy... if you're thinking of making the change.. Do it!!! It has been a life saver. - Old MacDonalds Rural Education and Care Centre Ltd

Phoenix Preschool Inc.

Phoenix Preschool moved to Discover in November 2018 and have never looked back! We absolutely love it, extremely friendly help desk and support, very easy and efficient system to use - it has cut down on so much manual work and time. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of changing to Discover to do it! - Phoenix Preschool Inc.

Small Wonders Child Care Centre

Discover is very simple to use and simplifies a lot of daily tasks. - Small Wonders Child Care Centre

Imagine Childcare Ltd

So easy to see at a glance online and up to date information on children attending each day. Our families have embraced using the tablets to sign in and even some of the children! - Nichola, Team Leader, Imagine Childcare. - Imagine Childcare Ltd

Belmont Learning Space

As a newly appointed centre manager, I was really apprehensive about getting to know all the ins and outs of the administration processes. However, using Discover has been really painless. Everything is covered; all I have had to do is figure find the correct heading. You just have to think logically and get to know the systems. From the online enquiries to MOE reports; it is all here, somewhere. :) The online support has also been swift and effective. Thank you! - Belmont Learning Space

Riverside Educare

We switched over to Discover in November 2018 and it has been the best thing we decided to do. The team at Discover are very approachable and reply quickly to questions - they have made it seem that no question is silly and nothing has been too hard for them! - Riverside Educare

Pukekohe Early Learning Centre

Taking on my role at short notice as Administrator of Pukekohe Early Learning Centre, I was delighted to experience how user friendly and how much easier/faster my workload was by using Discover. In addition, the wonderful support of the Discover helpdesk team has been amazing , always friendly and able to sort out/ attend to any "obstacles" promptly. Thank you! - Pukekohe Early Learning Centre

Te Puna Reo o Raparapaririki

Changing over to Discover has helped our Centre better meet the MOE funding compliance requirements. Previously we had to do a lot of the administration tasks manually but now the system does the work for us. If we get stuck Support is just an email away. - Te Puna Reo o Raparapaririki

Eden Early Learning

We switched over from another system 6 months ago and we are so pleased we did. Discover is so easy to use and it didn't take long to get used to the new system. There are so many great functions (like easy reporting, tablet sign in for staff and parents) that make our administration systems so much smoother and faster. The support from discover has been amazing they are prompt, friendly and professional. - Eden Early Learning

Henwood Kindy

Discover has so many time saving features and is easy to use, a great investment for the future of our service. - Henwood Kindy

Kind Hands Respite Care Cottage

We are incredibly lucky to have the support from the team at discover! Kindhands is a very unique centre in the fact we have both Registered Nurses and ECE teachers working together to look after and educate children with either a medical condition or a disability. The team at discover have been extremely patient and also adaptable to our situation of combining both health and education together to meet our needs. Our team at kindhands can't thank them enough for the ongoing support, kindness and easy to follow instructions. Totally recommend Discover to all those in ECE. Thank-you! - Kind Hands Respite Care Cottage

Adventure Valley Childcare

Discover is very user friendly and support is fantastic when needed. - Adventure Valley Childcare

Educare Orewa

Really easy to use system and super friendly staff at the help desk - Educare Orewa

Educare Waimak

Being new to Discover with no prior training I have found the Help section invaluable. The support team are friendly and on hand to help with any queries. We have implemented the tablets for sign in/sign out which is directly linked to the dashboard so we can see exactly how many children we have in the centre in real time! There are so many helpful features and it is really simple to navigate. - Educare Waimak

Aranga Early Childhood Centre

Our organisation switched to Discover this year. I have found Discover easy to use and eliminates a lot of data entry throughout the day. I am confident that our sensitive information is secure. I would recommend Discover to any company or organisation wanting a modern, secure and user-friendly early childhood administration programme. - Aranga Early Childhood Centre

Bubba Bears Childcare - archive

Discover has been the most intuitive and smooth running admin software that we have ever made use of! It makes keeping track of everything and communicating the required information an absolute breeze, it's just a pleasure to use! - Bubba Bears Childcare - archive

Kaurilands Kindergarten Inc

We have worked with a few different ECE Database providers, and never quite had all our needs met, plus the software seemed quite anitquated. Since moving to Discover we find we can run every and any report needed to efficiently run our ECE centre, and customer service is second to none! Nothing is too much trouble and in the 6 months we have been with Discover at least half a dozen of our recommendations have been actioned - now that's service! - Kaurilands Kindergarten Inc

New Plymouth Montessori School

Our school began using Discover half a year ago. Discover is an amazing tool for managing our enrolment and academic records. The software is user friendly, easy to navigate, and saves hours of time for administration staff. I found Discover team both professional and accommodating from the start, and our relationship with this team continues to thrive. My queries are addressed in a timely manner, and the helpdesk staff follow up on our suggestions for improving the tools available and make adjustments to better suit our specific requirements. I would highly recommend this system. - New Plymouth Montessori School

Stepping Stones @ Braebrook

We have moved to Discover and found the impact on our team leaders so positive. They are able to access the rosters from their own devices, see rosters for other rooms and percentages for registration etc easily and, best of all the feedback we have given discover has been taken on board and areas updated regularly - great support functions and the team are really working hard to make this software fit the needs of the ECE services. Ka mau te wehi! - Stepping Stones @ Braebrook

Caring Kids Childcare

We switched to Discover from another Management System and love the additional features they have. We can print daily checklists and charts, which were previously handwriting, so it is saving us time allowing us to focus on welcoming and settling children in the mornings rather than worry about writing up lists. - Caring Kids Childcare

Aurora Tamariki Early Years Care and Kindergarten

We love Discover! We switched over from another provider and the changes, differences and advantages have been amazing. Also the customer service is the best I have ever experienced! Highly recommended to everyone in the ECE sector. - Aurora Tamariki Early Years Care and Kindergarten

Halswell Learning Tree

We recently signed up to Discover this year and have LOVED it so far! We are still learning new things each day but the software is so much easier and more user friendly than our last provider. It makes administration quicker and means office time is a lot more productive. The tablet is quick and easy and our parents find this a breeze to sign in and out, and also communication with notes added to sign is a great feature. Definitely recommend! - Halswell Learning Tree

Little Beans Preschool

Discover has been a game changer! We have been using Discover for nearly 3 months and I am continually finding new ways for it to make my life easier. In time saved and ease of use, Discover is worth every cent! - Little Beans Preschool

Aspirations Early Learning Centre

I have been using Disciver onky for the last month or so . I have been very impressed with its ability to save on s much of our admin time and give us accurate results. The team at Discover is always ready to support and talk to you as a client and will quickly sort all the issues in a very professional manner and without wasting any further time. - Aspirations Early Learning Centre

Funshine Early Learning Centre

Making the decision to move over to Discover was the best decision was ever made for our centre! We knew that the system we were using wasn't fitting out needs but we didn't know what to do about it. Then we 'Discovered Discover!' The back up support has been awesome with someone always just on the phone to help and they made the transition over so easy for us all. Parents and our staff love the system and how intuitive it is! A lot of thought has really gone into this programme. The positive feedback from all is worth the wait! Don't be like us and delay your decision - this is most definitely the right move for your centre! Well done Team Discover! - Funshine Early Learning Centre

Roscommon Kindergarten

Discover has been a great new programme that we have started using. It is very easy to use and find your way around, even for beginners. It has functions that make everyday tasks a lot easier, and it saves a lot of time. We are really enjoying finding out all the little hidden options along the way. Thanks discover! - Roscommon Kindergarten

Settlement Road Kindergarten

I have found DIscover much easier to use than our previous programme, it is very user friendly, the reporting function is so quick and easy to use. Changing enrollments is a breeze now as is tracking attendance and invoicing. - Settlement Road Kindergarten

Tuakau Kindergarten

Discover so much easier to use : Very straight forward and great to have videos and training session to watch too ... Kate - Tuakau Kindergarten

Bowen Early Childhood Education Centre

We found the transition to Discover straight forward, and the helpdesk is really responsive to any queries or issues we have. We are saving time and getting better insights into how our business is operating thanks to Discover. - Bowen Early Childhood Education Centre

The CubbyHouse Early Childhood Centre - New Plymouth

We are new to Discover - its lots of learning but I already know it is better than systems we have used in the past. It feels modern, and I am excited to be completely up and running! The "HELP" team are great too - so patient! Even when the issue is as silly as forgetting to link to WIFI ???????? - The CubbyHouse Early Childhood Centre - New Plymouth

Little Rock Preschool 2019 Ltd

I have used Discover in the past and I loved it so much a recommended it to Little Rock Preschool who are also extremely impressed. Discover are so responsive to meeting our needs and are always happy to help. Totally professional, with prompt and friendly service. - Little Rock Preschool 2019 Ltd

Changepoint Early Learning Centre

We moved over to Discover recently and have never regretted our decision to do so! The functions it offers, time it saves my team and the parents, and the ease of use, has helped us in countless ways. We are so happy with it! - Changepoint Early Learning Centre

Levin Playcentre

Hi! We have just started to use discover at our Playcentre! I find it easy to navigate and fast, therefore making data entry a breeze! Thank you :) - Levin Playcentre

The Orchard Child Care & Preschool

We are so glad we changed to Discover. We switched systems 2 weeks before our centre owner went on holiday for 2 weeks and our staff and families have made the change pretty smoothly. As one of our staff said, while she was in charge "I actually quite like the new system and that's coming from a technologically challenged person!". Still getting our heads around a couple of things but the major components are very straight forward. - The Orchard Child Care & Preschool

Coast Kids on Karepiro

Absolutely fantastic way of managing the paperwork of a center, ten out of ten, we fully recommend it! - Coast Kids on Karepiro

Coastland Preschool

We ummed and ahhed about switching to Discover for some time - it's always scary to change from what you know. We finally took the leap and are so glad we did. The whole system is so user-friendly and, if you can't work something out yourself, the Help! menu is great. Failing date, the support team are just an email away. Make the switch - you won't regret it! - Coastland Preschool

Child’s Wonder Learning Centre

Changing our centre administration software to Discover is one of the best decisions we have made. The process of changing over has gone smoothly and using Discover has been very easy. We have only scratched the surface of what Discover can do for our centre so are excited at what we will achieve with Discover. I highly recommend getting some training support to become aware of what Discover is capable of providing for your centre. - Child’s Wonder Learning Centre

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